Ever After

Ever After is a dance and circus performance about self-realization. The performance wants to show how a relationship can be ruined because of individuals´pursuit of success. The performance is a collaboration between KompaniTO and Cauda.

Ever After is now a 20 minute piece, but will be developed into a full show during summer 2015.


Being pragmatic, rational and independent is often caracterized as positive qualities. Ever After wish to challenge the focus on self-realization in modern society, and investigate if this self-realization can create conflict with other important values. Maybe the opposite - to be emotional and dependent on someone else - are better conditions for human relationships. And therefore something she should try to pursue.


With the performing arts language - in the form of dance, circus and physical theatre - Ever After show two young women´s love relationship. Both have a need to succeed with their own performance. The consequence is that their care for each other will be neglected.



Director: Moa Lichtenstein (Cauda).

Original music: Jonas Thunberg.

Artists: Mari Stoknes and Tamar Ohana Goksøyr (KompaniTo)

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